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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Q: When do students need to be available?

A: Our conference runs from late morning on Thursday, June 13th through lunchtime on Sunday, June 16th. Students must be present for the entirety of the conference. We can arrange a late arrival or early departure in special circumstances.

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: The registration fee for an ambassador to attend HOBY ILCS is $325. This fee covers their room and board, all meals, multiple shirts, programming, and more. DEI scholarships are available. Email us for more information.

Q: How many students can attend from one school?

A: Four students from each high school in our region are allowed to be registered through our website. If you would like to register more than four, please email us.

Q: What if my registered student can no longer attend?

A: We highly recommend registering an alternate student to attend in case an event such as this happens. In 2022, 10% of registered ambassadors dropped within a week of the seminar without a school alternate being registered causing the school to lose their registration fee and school representation.

Q: What kind of student benefits the most from HOBY?

A: Sometimes the students who will flourish at HOBY aren't the most obvious. They are the students who don't see themselves as leaders, but have the potential to be. They are open-minded and willing to put in the effort to apply the values HOBY teaches to their everyday lives and bring back a spirit of service to the community. Oftentimes, the student who needs HOBY the most isn't necessarily the valedictorian who is already excelling, but the student who typically doesn't have easy access to these types of opportunities.

Ambassador Experience + Family FAQ

Q: What can you expect from the HOBY experience?

A: Students joining us for our seminar will be provided with the tools they need to understand what kind of leader they are, and how to take those skills home with them to accomplish their goals. 

Q: What are housing accommodations like?

A: Students stay in a residence hall on campus at Illinois Wesleyan University (where the conference takes place.) They are placed in a room with a student with the same gender identity as themselves as well as single gender floors (or residence halls if registration numbers require two residence halls.) Students have access to same gender communal bathrooms. Trained volunteers over the age of 21 are spread throughout the residence halls and also do bed checks at the end of each night to ensure ambassadors are in their rooms and are available if issues arise.

Q: Will my student be placed in a group or room with someone they know from their school? What if no one else from their school is attending?

A: Students are intentionally placed with ambassadors from different schools for both ambassador groups and housing. They will still be able to see and interact with ambassadors they may know during other programming times.

Students are placed in a small group of 8-10 other high school sophomores (rising juniors) from different schools to serve as a "home base" for them throughout the weekend. These groups are led by trained volunteers.

Q: What should I pack for HOBY?

A. A separate suggested packing list will be provided. But, plan to pack warm weather clothes and shoes (two t-shirts will be provided), twin sized bedding, toiletries, towels, and anything else you need to be comfortable for a weekend. 


Q: Will I be with the same group of other ambassadors during the entire seminar?

A. Yes and no. You will be assigned to a specific group with whom you will complete most of the activities and spend the most time with. Each group has 8-10 ambassadors, and one Senior and Junior Facilitator to guide you through the weekend. But, there will be some activities where you will be encouraged to break away from your group and get the chance to meet other ambassadors attending HOBY. 

Q: I’m a parent/guardian. Who can I contact if I need to reach my child while they are at HOBY?

A. We encourage ambassadors to put their devices away and only check them during free times in order to stay engaged. If an emergency occurs and you need to reach your child, but they are not answering their phone, please reach out to the Director of Ambassador Relations, Kassidy Maierhofer at


Q: Is there anything I need to do before I arrive at HOBY?

A. Yes! There is a set of pre-seminar forms you will need to submit before you arrive so we have all the necessary information. Make sure a parent/guardian is present when submitting the forms, as their signature will be needed as well. A link to these forms will be sent to you via email. Closer to the seminar dates, your Senior Facilitator will reach out to you to introduce themselves and confirm you are attending HOBY. Please respond to their message/phone call when they reach out. 

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